December 8, 2021

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BJP did not return to power through polarisation: Ram Madhav


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 15 (ANI): BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said that his party did not return to power with a massive mandate using polarisation or appeasement, but through uniting people of India.

“BJP did not come back to power with routine political play. We did not come back by dividing people in the name of caste and religion, polarisation or appeasement. In fact, we returned to power by demolishing all these and uniting people of India,” Ram Madhav said at an event here on Friday.

Taking a dig at some opposition parties, the BJP leader said that dynasty used to be a merit in politics some years back which has demolished to an extent.

He said, “In this country, dynastic identity was considered to be a huge qualification for politics. There is nothing wrong in it, but people should come forward through their efficiency and not only their surname.”Earlier, he had said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will break the Congress’ record of ruling the country for the longest period and the BJP will remain in power when the nation would celebrate its 100 years of independence.

“A strong government is formed under Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the second time at the centre. Now, this government will run for a longer duration,” Madhav had said on June 8. (ANI)

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