Every Turmoil Has To End

Every Turmoil Has To End Kindle Edition

War widow Sheela’s life became a mess, complete with a dead-end. So when she is about to pursue prostitution, someone saves her. She doesn’t hesitate to repay his debts and set off on a new adventure. Little did she know that it would be more than just fun.

Life seldom goes according to one’s pre-conceived plans. The journey is barely free from obstacles, let alone ready to open for the welcome. With swift strategy, she and her saviour, Rahul, change adversity into opportunity. They have no choice but to roll up their sleeves and tackle the threats by themselves.

Supplier of spy pieces of equipment to the military, Rahul, kept her on her toes. That was before he spotted her new admirer in Singhania teetering on her – the beginning of her long list of innovative renovations for his crumbling business empire.

But Sheela is determined to take the bull by the horns regardless of the risks. She’s exasperating but delightful.

For a man who is sworn off thrilling romantic relationships, why does he suddenly want to be the one who gets the privilege of watching Sheela conquer not just Singhania’s business empire but his heart, body and soul as well?

The Author

About Victory Richman

I am Victory Richman, a creative writer from Nigeria. During the past five years, I have written several works, both fiction and nonfiction. At present, I work as a creative writer with NC Airways, an India-based publishing company.

I believe the power of the pen cannot be overstated. Writing creates a platform for thoughts and creativity to be brought to life. “I think because I am” or “I am because I think”; although we cannot decide which ideology is right, we can agree that thinking and existence cannot function independently, so when the thoughts are left to wither, what’s the essence of life?

Asides from my passion for writing, I also love reading novels, cooking and listening to music, all inspired by my love for creativity.

Victory Richman