July 1, 2022

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Kratika Sengar

Kratika Sengar: The Definition of Virtue


Kratika Sengar needs no introduction to her fans and followers. From childhood, Ms Victory took a very special interest in Kratika and discovered there is more to her than what meets the eye. A critical study of her life showed her that she has never had anything delivered on a platter of gold but has worked her way through it all, she built her empire from the floor up and is nowhere near finished.

A Biography of Kratika Sengar Kindle Edition on AMAZON.

She has already established herself at the top in her chosen profession. To reach a position of high may sound simple, but to sustain that position over a period of time is something that overwhelms observers like Ms Victory.

This one in a billion actress has created a lot of positive impact in the life of so many people.

Kratika has maintained her feet rooted to the ground, despite accomplishing numerous accolades in her glittering career. She has been hugely successful in her career, she now has a stable family too. She sets an example for women in general in maintaining a balance between home, family, and work. For Ms Victory, she has now become a role model for generations to come. Millions of youngsters look up to Kratika for inspiration and Kratika does not disappoint. She is active as a social activist through a varied range of philanthropic works.

As she and her family prepare for the beginning of new innings, this book is a tribute to her achievements.

The Author

About Victory Richman

I am Victory Richman, a creative writer from Nigeria. During the past five years, I have written several works, both fiction and nonfiction. At present, I work as a creative writer with NC Airways, an India-based publishing company.

I believe the power of the pen cannot be overstated. Writing creates a platform for thoughts and creativity to be brought to life. “I think because I am” or “I am because I think”; although we cannot decide which ideology is right, we can agree that thinking and existence cannot function independently, so when the thoughts are left to wither, what’s the essence of life?

Asides from my passion for writing, I also love reading novels, cooking and listening to music, all inspired by my love for creativity.

Victory Richman

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