July 1, 2022

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Let's Turn Adversity

Let’s Turn Adversity Into Opportunity 


Let’s Turn Adversity Into Opportunity Kindle Edition

Rachna, a fresh pass-out from college, seeks a career prospect. Her widowed mother, Urmi, barely manages to run the household. Rahul, a seasoned business professional, enters their lives, and after that, the world appears more beautiful to them. Rachna marries Kabir, a mechanical engineer, against her wishes since her family is in some debt. With the help of her mentor, Rachna emerges clean from all her liabilities while maintaining an extremely low-key profile. Being submissive becomes her virtue. While all her contemporaries – friends, relatives, in-laws, and associates – remain spectators, Rachna rises to unprecedented heights showcasing her unique achievements. She is also nominated for the Nation’s top civilian award, but she politely turns down the offer. Only she knows the underlying factor in her journey from an unemployed girl to a high-net-worth individual has been her power of submission.

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The Author

Tables Do Turn

N Chandra, a professional aircraft engineer, and consultant, later turned into a content writer to document his over 25 years of work experience. His niche areas include, apart from aviation, other fields like energy, finance, personnel, and man-woman relationships. He has crafted several articles, non-fiction, and fiction work. He is more than willing to explore whatever storylines he stumbles upon. His results have been published on several blogs like NC Airways for the past ten years. He advises young adults and finances their projects where necessary on self-employment using their own skill sets from concepts to execution.

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