May 27, 2022

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Live stream in the era of COVID-19

The live stream, which was around before the pandemic, took over our daily lives while still in shock. Schools, colleges, and universities started their online classes

Live Stream

In a blink of an eye, COVID-19 changed every facet of our ordinary life; from going to school, meeting with friends and family, and having fun. No one could have thought anything like COVID-19 could fall suddenly on the human race and, for that, got a little precaution.

Live stream

The disease not only has taken so many lives so far but changed how we lived. Can you remember how you were living before it? The sad part is we would never go back to the same routines. In the beginning, all the hit countries went into silence. Then came technology to save us from pure isolation.

You also might be among those who adapted the new condition to get together with relatives and friends. In the meantime, there were those people who benefited from Live Streaming. A teacher started to broadcast his classes online, and then musicians started live concerts, then conferences, games, meetings, and even funerals went online.

The live stream, which was around before the pandemic, took over our daily lives while still in shock. Schools, colleges, and universities started their online classes and made halted education to survive. This seems to continue for the new semester as well since the COVID-19 still takes lives.

The way we get also entertained today depends on live streams more than any other time in human history, a point in time that has no return, maybe only on Hollywood movies. Musicians started their concerts worldwide on a new stage, Live Streams, where people can sit next to each other from different locations like India, the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and Iran.

Truth is Live Stream service providers worldwide witnessed the demand for their services at least tripled after the COVID-19 break-out. Education and businesses comprise a good part of this demand. They have found their costs reduced and have more control over the content and processes, while they have realized how easier time management got.

It can be predicted that live streaming benefits for schools and businesses would not let them return entirely to the earlier methods. Thus, live streaming has become an integral part of education, entertainment, and business environment.

But are all live stream service providers the same? Of course not. Live Stream services differ from each other significantly. The main differences are the number of concurrent supported users, stream quality, cost, and online support.

Among the young service providers in this field, ArvanCloud has supported almost 150 thousand concurrent users at live events on live stream service with the least possible delay during COVID-19. Adding to this is its economical pricing packages and ArvanCloud Live Stream quality, which position it on the top three providers that recently entered the Indian market.

ArvanCloud explains that its Live Stream service stands on the edge of technology, and for that, it can provide such a quality Live Stream. ArvanCloud developers claim: “Live Stream is one of the best services offered since we have better infrastructure and better codes. We constantly update and improve our codes, while many other providers have developed their codes years ago and have not improved it.”

But what makes Live Stream of ArvanCloud different? The company’s Live Streaming Platform allows the video content creators and distributors to transform their video or live stream content to multiple qualities and formats. Users can also store and publish their live stream in an unlimited cloud video hosting without worrying about infrastructural issues.

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ArvanCloud Live Video Streaming platform is integrated over the Content Delivery Network. CDN Live Streaming helps the video content be delivered from the nearest geolocation to each user, enabling them to watch videos without delays and with the best possible speed.

Better internet access worldwide and better internet speed have also helped the surge in the live streams. Besides, we would manage our times with live streams, and put some of our money in the pocket and save more. Live Streams also allow you to save the movies, concerts, classes, etc. and watch it repeatedly.

One can say that Live Streams will not fade, it might lose some weight after COVID-19, but it will not vanish. It is an integral part of our lives. So we should be thankful to some extent to the condition that occurred to us and made us all enjoy the Live Stream at the comfort of our homes.

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