June 26, 2022

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Jet Airways Unable to Run Itself


The Naresh Goyal-controlled airline Jet Airways has not been regular in paying salaries to its staff, its paying salariespilots, engineers and senior management for quite some time now. A number of pink slips have earlier already been given, while the flight crew have warned the management several times of no-duty unless salary issues are sorted out. (See : Jet Airways workforce reduction)

A good number of pilots in the recent past have already quit Jet Airways. The remaining staff have to work overtime to make up for the manpower shortage. In such a scenario, for a company facing such a severe cash crunch, to hire a new staff or a new pilot is completely ruled out.

Today, the situation finally saw its logical end.

Will I be fired or retained?

The airline failed to operate as many as domestic 10 flights from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) Mumbai on November 18 as it did not have the required number of pilots. Flights were cancelled. It was inevitable. It was waiting to happen one day. (See: Collapse)

Hundreds of passengers of Jet Airways were left in the lurch at Mumbai. The transit passengers were the worst hit.

The airline had to clarify in a statement, “Jet Airways had to cancel a few domestic flights of date (November 18) due to operational reasons. Guests of the affected flights were duly informed about their flight status via SMS alerts. In accordance with regulatory policy, guests have been re-accommodated and or compensated.”

The airline kept regretting the inconvenience caused to its guests and coming up with clarifications like “operational issues”.

However, the aviation followers were quick to conclude that it was due to pilots’ scarcity at the Jet Airways. And there is no solution in sight that could bail Jet out of its crisis in near future. Even the Tata-Jet deal is difficult to implement. (See: Tata- Jet Deal)

Deeply immersed in debt, losses and liabilities, Jet Airways is unable to even pay its lessors the lease rentals. Unless it does something magical soon, the airplanes will be reclaimed by the lessors.


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