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 Royal Air Maroc Displays Colours for first Boeing Max and 787-9 - Invest Money - Stock Market, Money, Business
March 6, 2021

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Royal Air Maroc Displays Colours for first Boeing Max and 787-9


Royal Air Maroc (AT or RAM) is the flagship airline of the country of Morocco. Royal Air Maroc is going to celebrate 60 years in the sky. Founded in 1957, the airline has come a long way in six decades. Royal Air Maroc, commonly known as RAM, is Morocco’s national carrier and the nation’s largest airline. Royal Air Maroc is fully owned by the Moroccan Government and the Mohammed V International Airport is its hub airport.Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc has direct flights to more than 80 international destinations. Due to its unique position as a geographic hub, it gets its share of customers from all over the world to their destinations. With more than 850 flights per month to Africa, Royal Air Maroc has a significant presence across the continent.

Boeing signed a 2016 deal agreeing to help build an aerospace industrial ecosystem in Morocco. Boeing and Royal Air Maroc (RAM) in December 2017 had announced orders for (4) 787-9 Dreamliners – valued at $1.1 billion at list prices – that will enable Morocco’s flag carrier to expand international service.

As per reports in FLIGHT DASHBOARD Moroccan flag-carrier Royal Air Maroc has shown off a special livery which will adorn its initial Boeing 737 Max and 787-9.

The airline is already a 787-8 and 737-800 operator, but has four 787-9s on order with Boeing.

RAM has previously indicated that it is likely to take the 737 Max, although Boeing does not list any order for the re-engined type from the carrier.

Its revised livery heavily features the green and red colours of the Moroccan flag on the aft fuselage.

RAM says the colour scheme “combines aerodynamics and modernity” and “reflects contemporary Moroccan culture”.

In recent weeks, the Royal Air Maroc along with travel and tourism stakeholders from Nigeria have shown keen interest for collaboration between Morroco and Nigeria to promote tourism within Africa. Such collaborations with each country in Africa along with Nigeria will spring up new frontiers for tourism in the continent besides its economic benefits.

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