August 8, 2022

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Singapore Airlines’ A380 superjumbo heading to Auckland as summer airline schedule begins



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Summer’s biggest airline visitor is due to arrive tomorrow – a Singapore Airlines A380 – as new the new season’s flight schedules kick in.

The superjumbo will boost services between Auckland and Singapore to three a day, in partnership with Air New Zealand.

The extra flight with the 450-seat double decker will boost capacity by 40 per cent on the route over summer and starts just after approval was granted for another five years of the joint venture between the two airlines.

Singapore Airlines’ general manager for New Zealand, Simon Turcotte, said the airlines had just finished four years of co-ordinating commercial activities.

In that time capacity between Auckland and Singapore had increased, a new service linking Wellington and Singapore had been started and a new aircraft type for Christchurch flights announced.

From January the airline will use a new A350-900 to fly year around between Singapore and the South Island gateway.

Turcotte said there was a growing number of premium seats in response to strong demand.

”We’re very strong in the corporate market but there is a very strong high-end leisure market, cruising is very popular up to Europe so that premium demand is strong there,” he said.

The small and medium size business market was also strong out of New Zealand.

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