July 1, 2022

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Tables Do Turn

Tables Do Turn

Tables Do Turn By: N Chandra

Tables Do Turn at MegaNovel

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Rachna Patel kept struggling to secure a career. Her current employer even fired her. Everything changed for Rachna and her family when Rahul entered her life.

Rahul Bhargava had it all, from good looks to wealth, and to top it all, he knew his way around women, which was one thing he used to his advantage. Apart from the name he’s created for himself, spending his time with beautiful women was the bane of his existence. He firmly believed that only women could help him achieve his objectives, and he desperately searched for someone like Rachna. He couldn’t tame his desires, and it also didn’t help that most of the women didn’t mind having flings with him to get a piece of the man.

Rachna’s mother, Urmi, was unaware that she was sitting on a plateau of gold when Rahul freed her Gorakhpur property from the lender. Rahul’s plans for a Green Building project turned her life around.

Such was the fate of the Patel family women. They saw Rahul as a means of living the glamorous life they wanted and feeding their greed. But will Rahul be bothered about having women from the same family all over him, or will he need them to fulfil his plans and take everyone to unprecedented levels? How would Rachna react when she learns that one of her former employers yearns to become her father-in-law? How would her family feel when their cunning lender turned a borrower? Tables do turn. Destiny does smile.

The Author

Tables Do Turn

N Chandra, a professional aircraft engineer, and consultant, later turned into a content writer to document his over 25 years of work experience. His niche areas include, apart from aviation, other fields like energy, finance, personnel, and man-woman relationships. He has crafted several articles, non-fiction, and fiction work. He is more than willing to explore whatever storylines he stumbles upon. His results have been published on several blogs like NC Airways for the past ten years. He advises young adults and finances their projects where necessary on self-employment using their own skill sets from concepts to execution.

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