Unraveling The Eve Within

Unraveling The Eve Within Kindle Edition

Everyone hopes to leave the past behind and look forward to the future but for Isha Raghav, the universe delivered her past right back into her hands. Torn between a deep love for the man of her dreams and a disastrous future, Isha is left devastated. While many would think such a choice would be too easy, Isha finds it the most difficult when she feels what he feels and sees what he does. When it comes to weighing the heart and fate, it may just be a tie.

Everything happened so quickly, like a scene in a movie. He didn’t see her, at least not immediately since he was so engulfed in what Myra was saying and honestly, Isha would have preferred it that way. She dropped the drinks with shaky hands and was praying to get away from the table unnoticed when he said thank you, he was still the sweet guy she remembered and as he said that, he lifted his gaze to meet her and all hell let loose.

The Author

About Victory Richman

I am Victory Richman, a creative writer from Nigeria. During the past five years, I have written several works, both fiction and nonfiction. At present, I work as a creative writer with NC Airways, an India-based publishing company.

I believe the power of the pen cannot be overstated. Writing creates a platform for thoughts and creativity to be brought to life. “I think because I am” or “I am because I think”; although we cannot decide which ideology is right, we can agree that thinking and existence cannot function independently, so when the thoughts are left to wither, what’s the essence of life?

Asides from my passion for writing, I also love reading novels, cooking and listening to music, all inspired by my love for creativity.

Victory Richman