Dubey ji Bounces Back

Dubey ji Bounces Back

by Vivek Atray (Goodreads Author)


Meek and morose is what Raghav Dubey has been all his life but when Sarla Koppikar wallops him on his head and almost kills him, Dubey ji decides to undergo a complete makeover. He shaves off his moustache, sheds his reticence in female company and even learns to play the guitar! His career graph now rockets skywards with his newfound zest and energy enabling him to work wonders at Mumbai’s Bonny Bank. The beauteous Avni Singh bowls him over and he is left utterly lovestruck. Even the very charming Paulomi Bose fails to distract him. Dubey ji’s bête noire is found dead and our hero is in deep trouble. Will he be able to bounce back again?

Vivek Atray, the Author

Vivek Atray is an Author, Advisor, Motivational Speaker, Formerly of the Indian Administrative Service, IAS and Mentor. He retired voluntarily from the IAS in 2017. He is an ex-under 19 cricketer. He speaks all over India on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, People Skills and Behavioural Issues. He has over 20 Lakh (2 million) views on YouTube.

He is the founder of SUVICHAR Think Tank, Professor at Shoolini University, member of the CSR Advisory Board of ACTION AID and a member of the Governor’s Advisory Council for Chandigarh. He is also a founder of the Vibrant Networking Forum and the Chandigarh Literary Society, and Co-Convenor of INTACH Chandigarh.

Book Review by Naleen Chandra

“Dubey ji Bounces Back” may have taken a clue from the two most interesting eternal stories of transformation.

1. Vidyotma insulted her nincompoop husband, challenged him, terminated her marriage and left him in the lurch. Then the fool thought of doing something and eventually, with the grace of Goddess Kaali, Kalidas attained wisdom. With works like ‘Shakuntala’ and ‘Meghdoot’, the writer does not need any intro. The beauty of the writer’s expression, keeps the reader spellbound.

2. Ratnavali’s rejection had stunned and then spurred her husband. Ratnavali may have expected to guilt her husband into becoming a follower of Ram. Tulsidas eventually became a genuine Rambhakt and went on to write the epic Ramayan, which needs no intro.

In both instances, the wives were instrumental for the transformation of their husbands. Here the power of the impact a woman can have on man is to be seen, believed and experienced. Moreover, neither Tulsidas nor Kalidas followed any CBSE, IIT, or IAS. The fact of the matter is that the whole mankind religiously follows them and the so-called educational institutions include their works in their curriculum.

In “Dubey ji Bounces Back” the writer had an opportunity to highlight this particular aspect of human behaviour. I, as a reader, expected the writer with his vast admin experience to inspire today’s younger generation so that the Kalidas or Tulsidas lying suppressed within them eventually awakens.

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